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A supportive circular geometry for a new era

What is the Circle Project

Circular structure

A simple holistic circular structure to support and assist positive change in people’s lives on a monthly basis.


The practise of effective, non judgemental communication to enhance consideration of one another as we build a new, inclusive reality moving forwards.

Heart connection

Connecting with others in a heart based way as sovereign human beings.

Guidance of being in a Circle

A pause and slowing down

Feeling and expressing how you are authentically

Gathering locally when possible

Witnessing and Listening

Not fixing or trying to change yourself or others

Heart connection

Non judgement and Self Responsibility

All inclusive

Recognition that we are a human family

Who can hold a circle?


no specific qualifications are needed.

Have the time to offer two hours a month to hold a circle

Has a physical space like a living room or garden or can find a space

Could also be online

Take a look at a recorded version of a Circle.

Here you can find a map with the Circles. Find the nearest to you!

Circles cannot be charged for and all assistance by the Circle Project is given freely and from the heart.